Arborist Led Tree Trimming

lift trimming
hand trimming
canopy elevation before
canopy elevation after
climber in tree

Lift Trimming

Trimming may be purely esthetic to shape a flowering tree or necessary for safety reasons, but our crew is able to accomplish this in many different ways. Annual tree trimming can help a tree keep its natural shape.

Most tree trimming should be left to a certified arborist in order to encourage natural growth & avoid compromising the integrity of the tree or exposing the tree to unnecessary pathogens after being trimmed. Each cut that is made could affect how a tree grows in the future. Please discuss your goals with one of our certified arborists.

Hand Pruning

pruning a tree

It is very important to keep your trees pruned so that they remain healthy and so that decay does not set in or allow insects a place to make a home. When storms inevitably come, dead branches are the first to fall and that could cause damage to your home or property.

The ideal time to perform tree pruning is in the late winter/early spring but we can evaluate your tree at any time of the year and make a recommendation. The goal is to leave the wound, created by pruning, exposed to air for the minimal amount of time.

However, some trees do not need to be pruned every year and our arborists will be upfront and honest with you about your specific tree’s needs.

Additional Trimming Techniques to Reach Your Goals

Canopy elevation

Canopy Elevation

Removing the lowest branches or lowest few branches is a practice that will allow for you and your family to better navigate in, under & around your trees. These low hanging branches can be anything from frustrating to mow the grass under or may be actually dangerous to your home or vehicles. With our expertise and knowledge, we can perform this service to benefit you and your property.

crown reduction graphic

Crown Reduction

  • Proper Effective alternative to tree topping
  • While tree topping is cutting limbs at an arbitrary length introducing decay & rapid growth
  • Selective pruning of extremities to reduce size & density while maintaining proper growth pattern & canopy strength
clearance trimming

Clearance Trimming

Whether you are looking to reduce the number of branches over your home, driveway, fence or yard, we will carefully trim your trees to increase the clearance. This can be accomplished using a qualified climber or our specialized spider lift which allows our crew to get to those hard to reach branches that may be overhanging your home, fence or yard.

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We have a range of options when it comes to tree health, protection, and/or removal. Your goals are important, and with our expert advice, we can address the complete care of your trees.