I thought I was calling MOT’s Tree Service. Is this the same company?

MOT's Tree Service LogoYes!  We have been in business as MOT’s Tree Service since 2003, under the ownership of Matthew Tierney. In 2018, we made the change to doing business as ArborPro, LLC to better reflect that we offer complete tree care rather than just a tree service who wants to cut down your trees.  

Same owner. Same Commitment to Quality.

What is an Arborist?

An Arborist has been trained inArborist explaining tree health

  • The specialized care and health of trees and shrubs
  • Trimming and pruning to promote healthy growth or to remove dead wood
  • Tree health & diseases as well as tree biology
  • The safe removal of trees
Do you only cut down trees?

Using a chainsaw on a tree trunkNo! If your goal is to preserve the trees on your property, then we would like to help you accomplish that goal. Sometimes it is necessary for a tree to come down for safety, esthetic or function reasons and we can expertly meet that goal as well.

I had a tree fall in a storm last night? Can you help?

broken tree in front of house

Yes! We have a crew that can mobilize in the event of an emergency. We also have experience in providing the appropriate documentation for your insurance company.

Do you offer free estimates?

Removing trees via crane and climber

Yes. While yes we will come out and quote you the cost it will be to do the work that price will not change through to the completion of the job. So no, we do not give estimates. We give proposals for the job.

I live on a very small lot with a very large tree and there is no place to lower a tree. How will this work?

removing tree in small backyard

Our crew is experienced in this situation and will offer you options that will keep you & your property safe whether that means we use an experienced climber or we employ a crane & crane operator.

My yard is on a steep hill or the only access to the tree is through a small fence gate. Can you still do the work for me?

small tree removal craneAbsolutely! We have a versatile lift that will fit through a 36 inch gate as well as allows us to work at many different angles and heights.

We use the lift for 90% of our aerial work because it increases safety & efficiency & it is easier on our crew but if there is a situation where the lift can not be utilized we have qualified climbers on staff.

What about my yard and the trees that you are not working on?

crane going over ground protection mats

Our goal is to complete all of our work in a safe & controlled manner while protecting your home & lawn. The majority of the time we use ground protection mats to minimize impact on your lawn & landscaping.

Are you insured? Can I see the copies of those certificates?

fully insured icon

Yes. We carry complete liability insurance, workers comp insurance as well as insurance on our equipment. Copies of these certificates are available to any customer upon request.

Why don’t you top trees?

As ISA Certified Arborists, it is our practice to trim trees as conservatively as possible while mitigating potential risk & meeting our client’s goals & keep the tree healthy.

topping trees graphicThe practice of “topping” a tree is risky and outdated and detrimental to the health of the tree causing open wounds on the tree that it may not be able to recover from or allow the introduction of pathogens. Tree topping” also inhibits natural growth patterns.

Here are 3 more reasons:

  1. The tree will grow back quickly with weak, unstable branches that will be esthetically unpleasing as well as a high risk for breakage during severe weather.
  2. Improper cuts of a tree or branches could cause premature decay, disease or death of a tree.
  3. Increased risk for structural failure of the remaining portion of the tree.

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